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The Inaugural FROTH AND FURY FEST was a 2 day beer fueled tsunami and celebration of heavy, alternative South Australian live music and some of the best beers our state has to offer. The South Aussie crowd were obviously starved for a large scale music event responding in numbers with the fest well and truly exceeding expectations by selling out in a crazy 3 days.

Saturday July 31st was Froth & Fury’s original date, but as the state was placed into Covid lock down only weeks before and the restrictions that followed meant the event could not go ahead as planned, meaning we had to scramble and reschedule the fest for the October long weekend (Sat Oct 2nd).

The good news with moving to the October long weekend (and the success of the fifirst day selling out) meant we could now add an extra day (Sunday the 3rd) to the fest - making it a huge 2-day event and just like the original date this second day was a sell out.

The line up was a who’s who (23 bands in total) of Adelaide’s most popular metal, hardcore, punk, doom, sludge, alternative and rock bands showcasing their talent to 1500+ people over 2 amazing days of perfect weather, music and beer.

To be able to stage an event like this when the music industry had suffered so much pain over the last 2 years is still unbelievable. The level of enjoyment expressed by a crowd so thirsty to get out, let loose, see live music, their friends and put the frustrations of the last 2 years behind them, even for those 2 days, was something we will never forget and is the driving force to stage Froth & Fury again and make
it even bigger and better but keep it well and truly an Adelaide event experience.

Froth & Fury Fest 2021 Poster Both Dates.jpg
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